Vector sketches libraries for apparel and fashion design - Files Upload Guide

The most exclusive and complete verctor sketches library, downloadable per item, with the hottest selling items and detals from Italy.

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Upload Guide

Welcome Contributor

In this section you find the instructions how to upload your images in ModArtis™ and start your Contributor activity. You will find also the guide lines and samplesiof tutorials that you can download and use as a basis for the best production of your images.

The common goal is to offer sketches, images and graphics tnat can generate interest within the stylists and garment manufactirers which will use them to create their own collections. To help contributors understanding which image sells best, ModArtis™ shows with any image preview the downloads number or images satisfaction index..


ModArtis™ accomodates more images cathegories. Initially we start with the sketches. Sooin after we will open new cathegories: fabric designs, graphics, ecc.

The sketches

We start wit the sketches because they represent the crucial and complex phase in the creation of a collection. Our sketches are
vectorial and must be designed with a software like Illustrator o Corel Draw.

The vectorial sketch has the advantage to be modifiable and can be ungrouped and re-assembled infinite times. Therefore the user can download by example a trousers sketch and get in an instant a short, take a collar from a dress and place it on a jacket, etc.


THe software you should use to produce your vectorial sketches are: Adobe Illustrator™, Corel Draw™, Macromedia Free Hand™.

For all other non vectorial images, you can use any software capable to save the files in TIFF or JPEG format. For example: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint, Painter, Graphic Converter, etc.

Vector formats (for sketches)

It is important that the sketches are registered in the correct formats:

  • With Adobe Illustrator, save in .ai
  • With Corel Draw, save in .cmx
  • With FreeHand, save in .eps

Raster formats (for fabric designs, etc.)

  • With any application, save in JPEG, TIFF

How to upload the images in ModArtis™

Uploading images in ModArtis™ is simple:

  • If you don't have yet an account, register here (is free)
  • Login with your User Name and Password
  • Clic on the button <Upload Files>
  • The new window <files list> gives you the possibility to upload up to 10 files simultaneously.
  • Clic on the first button <Browse….> a dialog will ask you to select the file to be uploaded
  • Once selected the files in the <file list> add the keywords describing your image in the <description> field
  • You can also suggest the credits in the <credits> field, which indicate your suggested sales price of your image. The credits range for the sketches can vary from 1 to 100 credits (0,1 to 10 €) , as specified in the Prices and Commissions Table. We will take in consideration your suggestion, but the real selling price will be defined by the ModArtis Team, to ensure a coherent price with the image quality.
  • clic the link: <confirm upload>

That's all, the files are uploaded and the ModArtis™ Team will check and upload them in the system. To see your designs online you should expect to wait for 24-48 hr, depending on day and work load.

Design Tips and Tutorials

ModArtis™ offers you a selection of Design Tips and Tutorials with some vectorial sketches samples that you can use as guide lines to produce your works. This material can be downloaded from the Resources section

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