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The most exclusive and complete verctor sketches library, downloadable per item, with the hottest selling items and detals from Italy.

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ModArtis - Fashion Design Web Store


ModArtis™ offers to all stylists and fashion designers an impressive library of low cost sketches and graphics downloadable per item.

  • Initially ModArtis™ will offer a complete library with thousands of vector sketches, details and silhouettes for women, men, and kids.
  • In a second time a fabric design archive (work in progress, available soon)

These artworks provide a valid, unique and accessible graphic support to all operators of the fashion and textile environment to be used for the production of new collections and ideas.

ModArtis™ Community and the Contributors

The ModArtis new approach and originality is the opportunity offered to a users Community, the Contributors, to upload their own works in ModArtis Web Store, with the mission to aggregate a large number of stylists, creatives, free lancers, to sell their designs, and place themselves in the Fashion Design market

Anyone having skill and interest in selling and promoting his works, can access to his private space, upload his images, put them on sale and be paid for each image sold. But ModArtis™ is more than this and offers also to Contributors the opportunity to be contacted by the companies searching in the site who can contact the author of each image through his profile. .


ModArtis also offers a special deal to schools and universities, who can access the libraries for educational purposes with a discount and upload the best works of their students who can measure themselfs with the market in real time. To obtain the special educational prices and conditions please contac us at

News And Innovation

The ideas free circulation and the opportunity offered to worldwide young talents to measure themselves against the market are the fundaments of the ModArtis concept, the net is the perfect vehicle to put together creatives and users.

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